Three tropical storms continue to increase in intensity in the Atlantic

The season for tropical storms off the Florida coast has begun, and with it, three storms are showing increasing activity. The three storms have been named Tropical Storm Isaac, Tropical Storm Florence and Tropical Storm Helene.

It is expected that Tropical Storm Isaac will continue to grow in size and intensity in the eastern part of the Atlantic. It is currently about 1500 miles east of the Windward Islands with winds reported at 50 mph. While it is a bit early to predict if Isaac will threaten Florida, it is expected to be upgraded to a hurricane by next week.

Last night also saw an advisory go into effect for Tropical Storm Florence. This weakens as a result of wind shear, but experts believe it will turn into a hurricane over the course of the night. Florence is producing 70 mph winds and is travelling at 6 mph 800 miles southeast of Bermuda.

By next week, it is expected that the storm will grow into a major hurricane. While Florence is not anticipated to threaten South Florida, it is being advised that those in the Carolinas take precautions as winds could potentially reach 145 mph

Tropical Storm Helene is another storm being closely monitored as it is moving towards the Cabo Verde Islands and is expected to reach the islands by Sunday. She is increasing in intensity and moving west at about 13 mph with winds hitting 60mph. At the time of this report, the storm was 150 miles away from the islands and was showing some signs of that is might weaken as a result of wind shear as it travels west.

It is advised that Floridian’s monitor the storm’s activity and take appropriate precautions. While none are a threat at the moment, the season dictates that those in the outlying areas prepare in advance so as to avoid being caught unprepared.