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Sports events in the world hit by the widespread of coronavirus (part 1)

Here is a list of international sports events hit by the widespread of the new coronavirus.


* The World Athletics Indoor Championships, planned to take place from March 13-15, were postponed until next year.

* A mixed relay Olympic triathlon qualification event that was planned to be held within Chengdu in China in May was moved to Valencia in Spain, according to the International Triathlon Union.

* Three Asian Cup events, two in China and one in Taiwan, scheduled for March and April are also postponed.


* Irish Rugby Union has postponed the country’s Six Nations fixture against Italy, scheduled to happen in Dublin on March 7, due to the coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy.


* According to Italy’s football league, six Italian Serie A matches which had been scheduled from Feb. 29 to March 1, including the clash between Inter Milan and Juventus, have been postponed to May 13.

The Coppa Italia final, thanks to being played May 13, was moved to May 20.

The government extended a ban on supporters at matches in three regions but lifted it within the Piedmont region, home to titleholders Juventus.

* Swiss football league has been placed on hold until a minimum of March 23 after the clubs rejected the likelihood of playing matches behind closed doors.

* China’s 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Maldives reception and Guam away in March are going to be moved to Buriram, Thailand. The games are going to be played behind closed doors.

* The Chinese Football Association said domestic games in the least levels would be postponed.

* South Korea’s professional football league has postponed the beginning of its new season. In addition, the league asked its four teams within the AFC Champions League to play games behind closed doors.

* Japan’s J League postponed seven Levian Cup matches, which were scheduled for Feb. 26, and all domestic games until the first half of March.