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Mercedes to run one-off livery for German Grand Prix

It is Mercedes AMG team’s second home race in a row when they depart their UK base at Brackley to head to the Hockenheim, not far from Mercedes-Benz’s global home in Stuttgart, for the German Grand Prix.

This week marks the 125th anniversary of the world’s very first motor race, that was held between Paris & Rouen in 1894. Moreover, with a ‘Benz’ taking part in the race, it also marks the origins of the involvement in motorsport of Mercedes and Wolff, the Mercedes boss, has confirmed that the dominant 2019 F1 team will mark this anniversary: “The world’s first car race was held from Paris to Rouen in 1894, and the winning machine had an engine manufactured to the design of Gottlieb Daimler at its heart. It’s the start of a great motorsport tradition which continues to this day and we are incredibly proud of writing the next chapter in this legacy. We’ll run a commemorative livery to pay tribute to our heritage.”

Though the team has tweeted out a picture of an old brand logo in order to mark the anniversary week, there have no details of what this livery might entail.

Wolff continued, “2019’s race is a very special event as we are the title sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Großer Preis von Deutschland and it will also mark the 200th start for Mercedes in F1.”.

While having claimed a dominant 1-2 last time out at Silverstone, Wolff praised his team for their fair and dramatic fight in the British Grand Prix’s opening laps: “It’s a spectacular race and also a great showcase for our sport. It is great to see our team battle on track in the opening stint; our drivers fought hard but always fair. It was good to bounce back from the poor performance in Austria with a strong finish. ”

He added that although the weather forecast predicts high temperatures and Hockenheim is also a relatively short circuit, they will stay humble and work hard to achieve the best result.