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Coach Denver Nuggets infected COVID-19 without anyone knowing

Coach Michael Malone unexpectedly revealed he was infected with SARS-CoV-2 and cured himself without even knowing it.

In the middle of March, the Denver Nuggets announced that three internal members had been identified positive for COVID-19. The identities of these 3 were not disclosed, but certainly no coach Michael Malone. So they were all shocked when the 1971-born strategist revealed he had been infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Coach Malone said he felt the symptoms of COVID-19 infection on March 20, which is exactly one day after the governing team announced the results of a mass test. However, he could not be tested and only knew his body had been infected with Corona Virus by antigen test on May 25.

The strategist said it was possible that some other members of the Denver Nuggets were also infected with COVID-19, but at that time could not have tested it and most likely transmitted the virus to others. From there, Captain Nuggets proposed that the NBA need to be more rigorous in creating a safe environment in Orlando.

“It is difficult to know if some members of the team, the staff or even my family members have COVID-19,” coach Michael Malone told CBS Denver. “I want to say that I got the Corona Virus and defeated it. Thank God I survived.”

After the tournament was postponed on March 11, many NBA teams took the initiative to have all members test COVID-19. However, this action was criticized by the state government when the amount of testing resources available in the United States at that time was not much and only those with symptoms to enjoy this benefit. That is why cases such as that of Coach Michael Malone were not immediately discovered.

Before the teams gathered in Orlando to play the rest of the season, the NBA issued a 108-page rule to minimize the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Accordingly, all players will be separated within the first 3 days of arrival to the focus area and can only leave the room if at least 2 negative tests.

The strict rules also force the players to wear masks (except when eating, practicing, playing), always at least 2m away from each other, even when swimming. Even, all members must wear alarm devices. This device will sound if you have been in contact for more than 5 seconds. Everybody who shows up at the Disney World gathering will be tested daily.