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Coach Denver Nuggets infected COVID-19 without anyone knowing

Coach Michael Malone unexpectedly revealed he was infected with SARS-CoV-2 and cured himself without even knowing it.

In the middle of March, the Denver Nuggets announced that three internal members had been identified positive for COVID-19. The identities of these 3 were not disclosed, but certainly no coach Michael Malone. So they were all shocked when the 1971-born strategist revealed he had been infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Coach Malone said he felt the symptoms of COVID-19 infection on March 20, which is exactly one day after the governing team announced the results of a mass test. However, he could not be tested and only knew his body had been infected with Corona Virus by antigen test on May 25.

The strategist said it was possible that some other members of the Denver Nuggets were also infected with COVID-19, but at that time could not have tested it and most likely transmitted the virus to others. From there, Captain Nuggets proposed that the NBA need to be more rigorous in creating a safe environment in Orlando.

“It is difficult to know if some members of the team, the staff or even my family members have COVID-19,” coach Michael Malone told CBS Denver. “I want to say that I got the Corona Virus and defeated it. Thank God I survived.”

After the tournament was postponed on March 11, many NBA teams took the initiative to have all members test COVID-19. However, this action was criticized by the state government when the amount of testing resources available in the United States at that time was not much and only those with symptoms to enjoy this benefit. That is why cases such as that of Coach Michael Malone were not immediately discovered.

Before the teams gathered in Orlando to play the rest of the season, the NBA issued a 108-page rule to minimize the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Accordingly, all players will be separated within the first 3 days of arrival to the focus area and can only leave the room if at least 2 negative tests.

The strict rules also force the players to wear masks (except when eating, practicing, playing), always at least 2m away from each other, even when swimming. Even, all members must wear alarm devices. This device will sound if you have been in contact for more than 5 seconds. Everybody who shows up at the Disney World gathering will be tested daily.

Obama openly criticized the US response to Covid-19

Former President Barack Obama on May 16 criticized the response to the new strain of corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) causing the Covid-19 pandemic of current US leaders, saying the virus showed many officials.

More than 36 million people in the US apply for unemployment benefits due to Covid-19. The President, the Vice President of the United States must keep a distance of the Covid-19.

Ông Obama công khai chỉ trích công tác ứng phó Covid-19 của Mỹ  - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Obama just gave a speech at the 2-hour event called “Show Me Your Walk, HBCU Edition” for newly graduated students, broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Obama did not name President Donald Trump or any state or federal officials in his comments. Earlier, however, he had criticized President Trump’s anti-Covid-19 work as “a tragedy disaster”.

According to the Associated Press , political comments – compared to the nature of the facts – are the latest sign that Obama wants to play an increasingly active role in the upcoming US presidential election.

In addition to criticizing the leaders’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Obama also announced that he would “devote as much time and advocacy as possible” to Joe Biden, his former deputy general.

Ông Obama công khai chỉ trích công tác ứng phó Covid-19 của Mỹ  - Ảnh 2.

On the same day, Democratic lawmakers announced an investigation into President Trump’s decision to dismiss State Department Inspector General Steve Linick, who is said to be investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Top Democratic officials at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) and the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFRC) have expressed doubts about the timing and motivations of what they claim to be “dynamic”.

“We object to all the dismissal of a politically motivated inspector general” – HFRC President Eliot Engel and SFRC President Bob Menendez affirmed in the statement opening the investigation, before talking about the question of the target Secretary of State Pompeo personally proposed dismissing Inspector General Linick because he “opened an investigation into the misconduct of Secretary of State Pompeo”.

Engel and Menedez asked the Trump administration to submit all documents related to the decision to dismiss Inspector Linick before May 22.

Asked about the investigation, an anonymous White House official said: “Secretary of State Pompeo proposed dismissal and President Trump agreed.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, said the dismissal of Mr Linick was an escalation of the “dangerous response trend”.

How does the world transports after the pandemic?

More and more countries are imposing travel restrictions and blockade for nCoV. It is difficult for anyone to accurately predict the post-Covid-19 tourism scenario.

The speed of spreading nCoV has terrible consequences, but the industry has recovered from past crises and experts believe the market will stabilize after a pandemic.

However, the economics professor said he did not know when and how the world would overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. But once the public health crisis improves, service prices will drop to a certain level – enough to motivate tourists to return.


Christopher Anderson, a professor at the Cornell University’s School of Hotel Training (New York, USA), predicts that cruise ships will definitely be extremely cheap when the yacht industry comes back on track. He said that redesigning some of the new yachts that are still under construction with larger cabins with less passenger density could be the solution to attract new customers. Cutting back on the buffet and favoring à la carte meals, at different prices, can be another way of reassuring travelers who are suspicious of cruise ship safety, he said.

The challenge of the yachting industry is to attract new customers to the cruise ship after a series of news about nCoV spreading on the yacht, restrictions and ban on cruise ships … Mr. Anderson said that this can determine the survival of the business.

The challenge of the yachting industry is to attract new customers to the cruise ship after a series of news about nCoV spreading on yachts, restriction orders and banning cruise ships from landing … Mr. Anderson said that this can determine the survival of the business. Photo: AFP.


In addition, every business from yachts, motels or hotels, must change the way of control and sanitation to interact with customers, and exchange back to ensure the most comfortable customers have. be.

Jan Freitag, Senior Vice President of Lodging Insights, an STR hotel analyst, also emphasized hygiene. Tourism enterprises should apply “new measures that are clearly visible”. Whether they must put hand sanitizer everywhere or regularly disinfect hard surfaces, they will clearly convey to their customers that “this is what we are doing to keep you safe”, he suggested.

In early April, nearly 80% of US hotels were empty, according to STR reports. Mr. Freitag said, room rates must plummet before rising again. Historically, at times of major crisis such as the 9/11 attacks or the downturn in 2009, the hotel industry took twice as long for room rates to rise again compared to when it dropped to the lowest level, Freitag said.

The expert cannot predict the risk of collapse of any segment in the US hotel industry, but there will undoubtedly be internal turmoil – in many cases these changes will be invisible to guests. Hotels may secretly change owners but still operate and belong to the same brand.

Professor Anderson judges that tourists may feel safer in hotels than for motels. Because, if you save money, visitors suffer the facilities and hygiene standards of rooms for rent on platforms like Airbnb. Therefore, he predicts there will be a short-term negative impact on rental services such as Airbnb post-Covid-19.


People would be more comfortable flying if the cabin was less crowded even after the outbreak, Anderson said. If you really want to turn this around, airlines have to fly with empty middle seats – carry out social spacing, fares are significantly lower than last summer’s promotions and booking policy – cancel The trip will be less strict within a certain time.

Besides, Professor Anderson hopes the businessmen will help the aviation industry recover. While many businesses may be more comfortable with conducting online meetings, the desire to do face-to-face transactions will help boost business trips.