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Five New Sports Set To Come to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (part 2)

Sport Climbing

Sport climbing might be a discipline within hiking. Within the 2020 Summer Olympics Games, athletes will be climbing on artificial climbing walls. There are three formats that will be run, including bouldering, speed climbing, and lead climbing.

Bouldering might be a more technical discipline within hiking involving climbing walls without the utilization of ropes or free climbing up short sections of rock. =

Speed climbing will see athletes go head-to-head and try to climb a 15m wall faster than their opponents.

Lead climbing means athletes will climb a delegated route on a climbing wall meanwhile attached to ropes. Athletes will achieve a podium spot either by reaching a better point than their opponents before falling or by climbing to the highest of the course within the fastest time.


In an attempt to remain the Olympics relevant for the millennial generation, skateboarding might be a new sport that will be added to the 2020 games. Skateboarding involves making dynamic moves on a wooden board with two pairs of wheels thereon.

There will be two disciplines of skateboarding within the 2020 Olympics Games, Park and Street.

Park means skating on a series of ramps, including half pipes, quarter pipes, and bowls.

Street involves skating on a course containing reproductions of obstacles that are naturally found within the urban environment such as handrails, stair sets, benches, and boxes.


Like skateboarding and sport climbing, surfing has been added to the 2020 Olympics Games in an effort to offer the game greater exposure to surfing novices and help keep the Olympics relevant within the era.

Despite several new wave pools opening across the earth over the recent years, the competition will involve surfers riding a true wave at Shidshita beach, which is about 40 miles outside of Tokyo. There will be both men’s and women’s categories. Since the competition will depend on there actually being a surf-able wave, there will be a 16 waiting period in order to permit for the simplest conditions possible.