Replica of Florida’s Election System Hacked by Eleven-Year-Old in 10 Minutes

Just as the current Trump administration warns that Russia is busy working on a system to underline the upcoming midterm election security, the results came in that an eleven-year-old took 10 minutes to hack a replica of Florida’s election system.

The general and primary election dates are known to most residents of Florida, the general election takes place in November of every year with an even number, while the primary election is held before the general election. The primary election takes place ten weeks before with the purpose being to leave enough days for nominating the nominees to be voted for in the upcoming general election to fill positions in the district, county, state and national office. In 2018 the primary election was scheduled to take place on the 28th of August followed by the general election on the 6th of November. The deadline for registering for the general election is 9th October 2018.

Testing the Election System for Upcoming US Midterm Elections

To ensure any and every system is hack-free several tests need to be performed, although it is worrisome when the system is hackable by children and not even hard-core hackers. The news shook the residents of Florida and the US when reports announced that the reproduction of the election system of Florida’s was hacked into by an 11-year-old within just 10 minutes.

Yet that is not the worst news, since the 11-year-old was not the only youngster that managed it, he was only the fastest of thirty-five children who were all able to hack into the replicas of the Florida’s election system websites during the Def Con security convention lasting spanning over three days, that offered replica sites of six swing states. The convention raises concern about the election system security of America, while there are only months left before the midterms.

The shocking results of these tests and efforts regarding the US election infrastructure are passed onto the National Association of Secretaries of state and the states, which are the officials responsible for confirming and tallying the vote totals, which all agreed that they welcome the efforts in testing the system.

National Association of Secretaries of State Says Actual System Use Additional Protection

Even though the tests and results were welcomed, the group responsible for tallying the vote totals did say that the actual election system that is used by the state have additional protection. These officials also shared that it would be extremely challenging to replicate the systems used by the states as these use custom-built databases and unique networks with the most updated security protocols.

President Donald Trump’s national security force has already warned that pervasive efforts had been launched by Russia to interfere with the upcoming 2018 elections in America. The results of young children hacking into the replica of the election system highlight the potential of security lapses, which is a major concern to all voters in America, worried that the voters roll in the upcoming midterm election could be tampered with.