Over 370,000 Ordered to Evacuate in Florida

Hours before hurricane Michael hit Florida it was upgraded to a category four storm, a storm that is extremely dangerous and it was predicted that it would sustain winds of up to 130mph. Over 370,000 individuals in Florida were ordered to move to higher grounds and evacuate their homes while 13 people had already died because of the floods, rains and storm in Central America. Georgia, Alabama and Florida declared a state of emergency while the National Hurricane Centre in Miami warned that the hurricane is extremely dangerous.

Congressmen appeared on CNN on urge people to flee well in advance of the arrival of hurricane Michael until it was too late, and everyone was just advised to remain indoors when it became too dangerous to travel. Neal Dunn was one of the representatives of Panama City who appeared on CNN tonight and shared that the aftermath of hurricane Michael looked like a bomb went off on every single block, the trail of destruction was clear as the hurricane passed Florida’s panhandle.

National Weather Service issues several warnings

The National Weather Service also issued several warnings regarding the tornado as hurricane Michael became classified as a tropical storm while on its way to South Carolina. All residents were urged to move into interior rooms and not go outside. Soon after reports came in of dangerous flying debris as mobile homes were destroyed, roofs were damaged, and windows were broken.

Yet Michael passed the Mexico Beach as a hurricane category four according to video shots released by StormChasingVideo.com, while Tallahassee reported that many houses were damaged and that the area had no power, but that most people were doing well. By Wednesday most of the evacuees could return to what was left of their homes in Panama City, although people were advised to check their homes for gas leaks and to watch out for debris as the dangers were not completely over yet.

Hurricane Michael is the strongest storm to hit America since 1992 and reached wind speed so f 155 mph. The only interstate in the Florida area, Interstate 10 was closed by the Florida Highway Patrol, and the 81 miles of interstate stayed close due to extremely hazardous conditions. Later Mile Marker 166 and Mile Marker 85 was closed in both directions and travellers were advised to seek alternative routes.

Mike Thomas, the mayor of Panama City, told CNN’s John Berman that even though the city had suffered huge damage, it was not near what was expected. With most of the newer building being up to hurricane code, the damage could be somewhat controlled although the fire department and police experienced phone service problems.
By Friday morning, hurricane Michael was on its way to the Carolinas, now classified as a tropical storm it brought with it, heavy rain and strong winds, which made the main concern power outages. Albany that is 100 miles inland the storm left devastation, large trees where down, wires are lying across the streets, and trees have demolished houses and cars.