• Fans warned to purchase the Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets via official sources only amid huge demand for the knockout matches. Check whether your intended source is official at
  • Those who want to sell tickets bought through the official website for the knockout matches should use the official resale service at that provides a safe and convenient platform in order to sell unwanted tickets on to other fans
  • Limited new ticket inventory for the knockout matches is available on the official ticketing site at that follow optimization of stadia configurations and ticket hand-backs from commercial partners as well as participating unions
  • Those with tickets that are purchased via unofficial sources risk being denied stadium entry

Following an emotional pool stage, the Rugby World Cup 2019 is proving to be the must-have sporting ticket for this year. The hot tournament has captured the imagination of rugby fans all around the world; meanwhile, millions of Japanese fans are caught up in the Rugby World Cup mania.

With the knockout round upon us, there is a lot of demand for tickets but with such demand comes inevitable incidents that are related to ticket scams, third-party websites selling tickets unofficially, and touts selling fake tickets. Cases have been reported at some Rugby World Cup 2019 matches, with fans having purchased tickets via unofficial sources being denied stadium access.

Although the numbers are relatively small in comparison with the tens of thousands of fans that have enjoyed matches without issue, incidences seem to increase as demand for tickets for the knockout round and the final reaches fever-pitch.

To ensure the experience of attending a Rugby World Cup match in the host country Japan will not be ruined by being refused venue entry, fans are reminded to purchase tickets exclusively via official Rugby World Cup 2019 sources (check whether a source is official at and use the official ticketing resale service at

Fans should also keep up to date with all the latest information about the tournament, including the location of the Fanzones as well as official merchandise stores through the multi-lingual official App, Twitter, and website.